Opening the Box- Pt 2

In line with my other posts (I promise they’re all related), including My Hero, I want to now go back to what/who broke my heart and shattered my world.



This was the year I met him. I was 18 and that summer I had broken up with my first “real” boyfriend (the one my parents knew about) and I got a job in order to earn some money before going off to college. I started a job at Universal Studios- at the roller coaster, Dueling Dragons. I met a few girls and some guys that were nice and I became friends with a few people. At that time, there were a few church groups from out of state working for the summer. I became friends with one group from I believe Tennessee.

One night, a fellow employee invited all of us to the Hard Rock Hotel to see her boyfriend play music. I of course wanted to hang out with my new found friends 🙂

When getting the whole group together I heard some of the guys mentioning waiting for someone. When that person arrived, I looked up and met these gorgeous eyes. It was like fireworks. All of a sudden my world changed and I was drawn like a moth to flames.

And then my nerves kicked in, I was extremely nervous and anxious inside. However I did my best to conceal my feelings.

We all arrainged who was riding with who and this guy, G.D.V, sat in the front seat of my car. We drove to the hotel (which wasn’t far from where we worked) and I did my awkward flirt with this handsome guy.

The music was good but I knew I needed to head home soon because my parents would be worried if I stayed out late. As I was saying my goodbyes, G.D.V. asked if I would be willing to drive him home. My stomach lurched and I was excited to say yes and spend time with him.

As we were walking out to the car I remember flirting like crazy. We got to the car and fireworks started to go off in the distance. It was magical.

I drove him home and when we parked I leaned in to give him a hug goodbye. He bit (playfully) my cheek and I remember laughing and saying what are you doing????

He laughed and I don’t remember the exact words he said but he kissed me that night.

He went into his apartment and I drove home.

Little did either of us know what our journey would be.