Say What?!

Love her so much. Sexual assault needs to be talked about and addressed.

From the Ashes We Rise

can't keep a Secret

I’ve gotten some pretty interesting responses since I posted my blog or ousted myself as a sexual assault survivor. They have been quite interesting to observe. I’ve enjoyed the looks and reactions that I’ve received so far…

1. The first response is one of shock / fear/ horror. It says why in the H-E-L-L is she sharing this and how the H-E-L-L should I respond.  I will provide my answer for this a little later in this post.

2.  The second response is one of admiration because it’s either brave or crazy to share something so personal- by blog, conversation, or any other means.

Here is the truth. It’s scary and difficult. It was the hardest thing that I’ve ever had to do and I’m not doing it for myself- not entirely. When I was going through my case, literally no one was talking about rape or sexual assault. It…

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