That’s what I am most of the time. Just plain, simple boring. I’m not the life of the party or the person who stands out the most. I’m in the background, like to be on the down low (lol I probably just used that wrong), I like quiet, I like just sitting on the couch watching TV or watching My Hero play video games. I love having a sanctuary.

Today was another boring day yet filled with excitement. Wedding plans are underway and I’m feeling much more secure and not as nervous. As My Hero and I talked about it, it’s like waves of nervousness and anxiousness. Both of us are so excited to be going on this new journey in life and yet it’s scary. It’s unknown (for me that’s terrifying)

Anyways we just spent the day together putting our apartment together, seeing what we need, designing furniture, etc. All in all an awesome day.

So why am I still up? Well one, I hadn’t written anything today and I really needed to because I’m trying to stay on track for NaBloPoMo and two cause I am signing up for next semester’s classes at midnight. Yes you read that right. I’m signing up for classes at midnight so I can get the professor I want for internship. There’s only 8 spots and I intend to have one of them. I will NOT spend next semester in a class that I do not learn anything. And so here I wait for the next 17 minutes. Go by faster time!!


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