I survived another day! I found a wedding venue, established a profile on which will be helpful in planning, so up next is wedding binder and budget!

Phew weight off my chest 🙂 I’m still anxious and nervous yet ready to be married. As odd as that sounds.

Sorry my post today and yesterday aren’t all that inspired but this is life.

I realized today that I need to deal with my issues with my mom. I really don’t want to. Because I know that shes done the best for me and I know her heart is good but I have issues. So going to explore it myself and then go to therapy. Cause I need it. I need to work it out myself before I can approach her with it. Suffice to say (for this post) that she was overprotective, a bit controlling (shes gotten tons better) and believes that she is always right when it comes to our relationship and how she acts. So yea I need to figure this out.


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