My Hero- Pt 2

Well here’s part 2 of a series on my relationship with the man i’m engaged to. I ended the last post with our first meeting 🙂

So on that same night- everyone decided that we all wanted smores (of course) so My Hero and I decided that hey we will go get them (and his friend/acquaintance decided to come with us). So off we drive to WalMart.

For those of you who don’t know me (everyone lol) I am a shy person in real life. I’m not the life of the party, I’m not a good flirt at all, I’m awkward and weird and nerdy and insecure and serious. I don’t get jokes that often, I’m very literal, etc.

Anyways, that night I was as myself as I could be at the time, except a little more outgoing because for some reason I felt comfortable and totally attracted to this guy. It was something I hadn’t felt and I was enjoying the feeling. I was crazy in WalMart trying to smell out where the marshmellows were because we could not find anything!

We finally got everything and got back to the party and were just hanging out and for the first time in a year, I felt ok. I felt normal. I felt accepted.

When it came time to say goodbye, My Hero did not ask for my number- one of his friends did! They had a whiteboard in their kitchen and so trying to be cutesy I wrote my number upside down on the whiteboard. My Hero walked me to my car and the last thing he said was “Night love” (or something to that effect-all I really remember is him calling me love and me being surprised and a bit weirded out by it).

Sure enough the next day as I’m training with my personal trainer Hector, I get a text from My Hero asking if I had left my jacket at his house. I smiled and giggled and answered him that no I hadn’t and we started talking. He graduated from FullSail and went back up north for a few months. We talked nonstop for those two months. Texting led to phone calls that led to skype and we soon knew details about each other and it was amazing.

During this time he told me that he loved me as a friend. I hadn’t heard the L word in any context from a guy since my ex (my sons birthfather). I freaked out. I talked to our mutual friend and explained that I couldn’t hear the L word in any context because I was still so hurt. Our friend told me to talk to him and I did. And he didn’t run away, he didn’t call me crazy. He simply understood and cared about me through it. He never said the L word till it was a different context. You see, I had already fallen for him.

Here’s the essence of our story (from my perspective)

I was a broken mirror- my heart and soul shattered into little tiny pieces. And as I’m trying to put myself together again, along comes a kind, compassionate, selfless, loving man who has helped me, slowly, put the pieces back together. He’s gotten cut and has bled but he has stuck by me and has loved me as I never imagined I would ever be loved.

Why has he stuck around this long?

He loves me.


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