My Hero-Pt 1

For those of you who don’t know I am engaged to a wonderful man who I will refer to as My Hero. We have been together now for almost 5 years and I am absolutely amazed that he has stuck around this long.

When we first met, I had placed my son for adoption only 3 months prior. We met because a mutual friend wanted to set us up. I wasn’t a fan, mainly I was worried he would look like our friend and our friend was not my type at all. I was in a rough spot where I was depressed, low self worth, filled with shame, mistrust, etc. But I decided it wouldn’t be bad to meet some new people and get out of the house.

My Hero was throwing a huge housewarming party with his three other roommates (who happen to be awesome guys to this day!). I was nervous and shy and I was awkward (which is the norm for me). I took a seat outside on a couch (after being introduced to everyone including my hero). I was surrounded by other people who began to have a political discussion. I weighed in with my opinion and I began to discuss. After a few minutes, My Hero sits next to me on the couch and says hi! I look at him, I say hi and then proceed to tell him that I just recently placed my son for adoption. In my head I’m yelling at myself that that’s the stupidest thing to say and ugh! he will run far far away. Instead he answers, “ok” and we continue on a conversation that I don’t remember.

My immediate impression was wow, he’s still talking to me even with the source of my issues out there in the open. And that was the start of our relationship.

There’s a lot more to our relationship and I think I’m going to explore that for the next few posts as we begin a new phase of our relationship.


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